Open Source

Open Source
Not only do we use open source software in our projects, we also contribute actively to the open source community.

The following is a list of projects we have started or actively participate in by contributing code.
  • ktikz A graphics editor for LaTeX
  • Open Messaging A messaging backend system for voicemail (asterisk) and text messages (SMS)
  • Open Softphone A sip soft-phone for callcenter environments
  • Pjsip JNI A Java wrapper for the popular pjsip SIP stack
  • Pjsip JNI Android A customised version of pjsip-jni for Android based mobile phones
  • Jetty A very popular Servlet Container for Java
  • ReinCRUD A Rapid Application Development (RAD) framework for Vaadin
  • Spring security social A Spring Security add-on for authentication with facebook credentials using the OAuth2 protocol