Using a centered splash screen with Phonegap

Phonegap supports using a splashscreen, which is shown until your WebView has finished loading. It is the graphic alternative to using the "loadingDialog" property. In order to set a splash screen, you need to place a bitmap in your res/drawable directory and then call

super.setIntegerProperty( "splashscreen", R.drawable.splashImage );

in the onCreate(...) method of your home activity.

Passing data to your PhoneGap Android app

For some situations it would be very convenient to be able to pass data from a website to your android app, even it has not yet been installed. The use case would be an app which provides customised content for a certain number of companies. You would like your app users to only see the content of the shops they have visited, but would like to avoid having to release one app per shop. Therefore you need to pass the identifier of the shop to your app when it is installed.